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A mother's Quote

"One Mother can look after four children
but four children cannot look after one Mother."

Our Values

The team at CareRelay believes that open communication, easily accessible services and improved time management are integral to the health and well-being of caregivers. We are committed to creating a community of care. We want to improve the lives of our members by reducing their stress levels and boosting their ability to find information quickly. We are here to help.

crowdsource data

Crowdsource Care

We are creating a lasting and ever-evolving ecosystem of caregiver tools. We offer a crowd-sourced personal health care data platform that collects the critical information to help manage the care of loved ones. We aim to ease the strain and stress put on caregivers. We make it our goal to improve the lives of our members and grow with our community.

Made with Integrity

Made with Integrity

Supporting the health of loved ones is a caregiver’s immense responsibility.  We are honoured to accept the trust that members place in us. We will to continue to earn that trust through constant improvements. We hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to compliance and to protecting the data that is essential to our clients’ health and financial wellness.

What can I do with CareRelay?

Take a minute and explore the app!

We are caregivers: our first-hand experience is now our first-hand expertise. Like you, we are the sandwich generation: we work to give back to our parents and elderly relatives even as we raise the next generation. We are here for you on your care journey, as a caregiver or a patient. CareRelay's caregiver hub can help you organize your life and keep you on track.


Find Services Fast

To reduce the stress of caregiving you need support from family, friends and medical professionals. Our services team partners are also here to support you and the team you put together.

Can't take "Mom" to the doctor? Book a ride on Uber through our app. Need the grass cut or snow plowed? We have a partner for that. Does your loved one not have a will or DNR documents? Our online services partner can provide that too. We also have grocery delivery, cleaners and personal support workers available through our service providers


Share the Care

People sandwiched between work, parenting and caring for their parents risk their health and other responsibilities. Share the caregiving by letting us help you to share the load. Everyone benefits!

Build a care team around yourself and your loved ones and reduce stress by distributing the workload across family and friends, your service teams and medical teams. We help you get there with the tools you need to communicate and coordinate.

Need help? We created CareRelay for you:

  • Worry less with a system created by caregivers, for caregivers: We know what you need because we’ve been there. We consulted with patients, family and medical professionals to find out what features are the most helpful in a caregiver journey, and brought those tools together in an easy-to-use app.
  • Create a team and communicate clearly: CareRelay helps ensure that everyone on the care team is aware of every step in the care plan, including the patient! Use our tools and alerts to help track medications, manage appointments and create a centralized chat space for constant updates.
  • Take control of health data: We centralize records by providing a mobiel hub for you to consolidate information, including diagnoses, medication, and lab tests. With our secure storage, electronic health records are available at a moment’s notice to provide a comprehensive view of a patient’s health status.

Appointments & Tasks
Create tasks and appointments for your loved one and the app will send your care team a message to confirm who can help. Everyone is then notified about who has claimed the task.


Medication Manager
Maintain an accurate list of current and past medications, and track prescription refills. The app keeps the medications list secure but centralized for your entire care team and medical professionals.

Medical Notes

Medical Records
Take control of your loved one’s electronic medical records by organizing them all in one place. Patients and caregivers gain up-to-date access to crucial documents and information.

Document Manger

Document File Manager
All uploaded documents are stored in a Dropbox folder and encrypted for maximum security. Patients and caregivers control access, and often use the app to keep track home, legal and financial information.

Care Plan

Care Plans
Care plans provide direction for individualized care of the patient, with input from the whole team. The app allows you to make your loved one’s care plan centralized and accessible.

Group Discussion & Chat
Care teams can chat together on any of six channels for group or private conversations. The app makes it easy to chat and post updates for everyone to see.

Reduce Caregiver Burnout

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