Why CareRelay Platform

Why CareRelay Platform

No one wants to think they will need long-term care. We don’t want to plan for it, even though millions of us are, or will suffer from multiple chronic illnesses.

To add to the problem, we are living longer and need to learn to cope with fragmented families, increasing care costs, and the worrisome in-edibility of care crisis for ourselves or someone we care about. The issue electronic medical records being provided to the patient is that a senior citizen or a person with a long-term chronic illness cannot logically retrieve the information and understand its impact. Additionally, it’s an island of information isolated from family members who are responsible for the primary care of the patient. I believe my personal experience as a primary caregiver for a senior citizen with chronic illnesses is an advantage to solving the problem of how to design a personal EMR that is user-friendly, improves collaboration between the various people responsible for the primary care and secondary care. This improvement in cooperation has the benefit of improving accountability for those assigned tasks.

We want this EMR to be specifically for family and primary caregivers so that they can feel they are in control of the health care of their loved ones. When they are involved in the medical decisions and can visually see how certain things are affecting the patient’s bodies, it leads to better outcomes and healthier lifestyles. They are better prepared for how to deal with the possible health issues that come up in the future and can learn how to prevent these problems it is a learning tool just as much as it is an organizational tool.”,

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