About CareRelay

CareRelay is a platform for caregiving on the go. Created to support you and your family as you coordinate and manage the care of your loved ones. As caregivers ourselves, we learned first-hand the toll of racing to complete tasks, keeping on top of medications and coordinating a circle of care around a loved one.

We wanted to help.

In 2017, we founded CareRelay as a hub and mobile app to organize the critical information needed to help manage the day-to-day care of loved ones. We provide a hub where caregivers can collaborate and communicate with other members in their circle of care, providing visibility into the daily life of your loved one.

Our goal at CareRelay is to relieve immediate stress and strain during caregiving. We aspire to improve the lives of members for decades to come as we grow with our community.

After extensive public beta testing and listening to you the caregivers we have made available General availability (GA) release 2.0 to the public.

We are here for you on your care journey, as a caregiver or a patient.


Insurance Companies

We help insurance companies offer better service to their members by providing an app that allows care teams to connect through a single hub. Caregiver stress is reduced by centralizing information and communication, allowing the care team to focus on their loved one’s care needs.

EAP Employee Assistance Programs

Employees Assistance Programs help organizations to meet employee needs and CareRelay helps EAPs as a partner to boost their technology offering to employees who are caregivers as well as offering them a tool to manage their personal health care needs in one place.

Human Resources Departments

Human Resources departments support employee well-being in the workplace, including caring for their families in times of need. CareRelay is the HR department’s technology partner in supporting employees who are caregivers. Employees are encouraged to sign up for CareRelay themselves to be prepared in the event of a personal illness or disability.

Unions and Associations

Unions and associations support their members at home and in their workplaces. CareRelay offers a technology solution to support caregiver members in looking after their own health-care needs as well as those of loved ones.

Health Care

Government Health and Health Teams

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of the government health teams offer supportive programming to help caregivers cope with their responsibilities. These can include self-help services, informal counselling, recreation, and instruction. CareRelay is the health team’s technology partner supporting those who are looking after loved ones with long-term care needs.

Hospitals and HMOs

CareRelay provides an opportunity to focus on symptom relief through better home care management, which contributes to reducing ER visits, in-patient admissions and overnight stays. CareRelay provides the tools for patients, hospitals and care teams to communicate effectively for better health outcomes.

Service Partners

Super Care App. One App with many use cases.
A Super App is many apps within an umbrella app. It is the Hub System that unbundles the tyranny of managing data across many apps. It’s a hub to the internet of family care in a mobile-first generation

Carerelay is on the app for ordering services to help you care for your loved one’s needs on a timely basis. Transportation, ordering groceries, commuting, digital wills and documents, shopping, hyper-local delivery, getting occupational therapy, personal support workers and other services.