75+ million amateur family caregivers in North America are you one of them?

75+ million amateur family caregivers in North America are you one of them?

There are 65+ million amateur caregivers in North America are you one of them? What does it cost you in stress, health and lost productivity being sandwiched between kids, work and parents?

We have been there too that is why we created CareRelay Portal to help people like us help our loved ones. Try our beta we need your feedback to make it better for all of us.

Families and Caregivers

  • The vulnerable elderly get lower costs, better health, and life quality.
  • Millions of Dollars in Estate Preservation.
  • Aging in the home saves money and preserves the estate value for seniors and their families and Heirs. Seniors want to live well and pass on wealth to their children.

What if you could solve all these burning issues, produce a powerful social benefit and win financially?

Our CareRelay platform and app uses a mobile application to link everyone in the chain of care. We help manage the long-term care of family members. Providing patient document management, planning, and scheduling of resources, reduce caregiver stress, provide visibility and accountability with the full circle of care.

CareRelay is secure HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant, with an online portal for helping the management of the long-term care of family members. Its purpose is to be the primary repository for the data records necessary for providing care for any long-term family member or dependent person. CareRelay improves communication between other family members, medical professional, and caregivers. It provides accountability to many touch points – appointments, medical records, daily schedules, legal and related information as well as general data for the betterment of patient care. When Families need outside support, our integration with third-party partners can get groceries delivered, order an Uber for mom’s doctor appointment, or get a referral to our network of professional service providers for life planning or daily support. Reduce Costs to Government and families.

  • Preserve family capital.
  • Improve physical health.
  • Improve Mental Health.
  • Communicate better within the circle of care.
  • Track and improve progress and outcomes.
  • Reduce patient and family stress.
  • Spread the workload among the support group.

It is Critical that we improve communication and accountability for those involved in the care of the patient. We provide an easy to use a centrally assessed repository of data about the patient, with tools that enable family/professionals/caregivers to cope with critical or long-term care issues. That is a huge financial burden and A LOT of STRESS

Try our app with a free 60 day trial.

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